2012 Project: Indigo Design
Implementation: EagleIT

name is Wojtek, 1958 - eh! it's a nice piece of time (for sweeten I repeat to myself, that it's considered as one of the best vintages), for a long time befriended with photography, from several years this loose friendship, from year to year, becomes more and more crazy, not to say that I'm totally overcome by photo craze. I'm still looking for my own way, trying to shoot (with various effect) all, that will interest the eye, bunches of new ideas for interesting shots are falling into my head and every day I'm convinced how much photographic experiences are left for me, but that turns most.

teaches to look around and see things, that are normally escaping attention, considered as too trivial or common, providing a wealth of images and creating an individual sense of taste, stops moments and fragments of time in the digital dimension, makes possible to arrange and create own ideas for scene and image, forces to humility and makes to dust forgotten physics lessons related with the use of light, the most important element of successful photography, allows to share with own prism of viewing the world in the global internet space.

my works...
are reminding me more of the marketplace or bazaar, where me meet the characteristic multiplicity of products and also their different quality. Take a look inside, judge them by yourself.

Would you like a photo shoot? Looking for a photographer to document the events, that are relevant to you? You have a vision of promotional photos that you need and maybe you are interested in any other form of cooperation? Contact me.

Wojtek Kaczkowski
Phone: (+48)713301506

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